The most exciting endeavor in the Museum’s immediate future is the new building that will house the Museum and its collection. The benefits of our space are many: triple the current space for exhibitions and art classes; a café, library and sculpture terrace; and safe storage and temperature control for traveling exhibits that would otherwise only be available in major cities. Most of all, the new building will help us continue to share high quality, thought provoking, emerging visual art with you.

General view from the Mission Plaza                                                                      Barcelon Jang Architects
About the architects:

Barcelon Jang has considerable experience in gallery, museum, and exhibition design and master planning. Since the initial gallery commission in 1974, the firm has developed a specialization in gallery and museum architecture with an emphasis on daylighting and artificial lighting systems. Barcelon Jang is finely attuned to the particular needs in the display of art and artifacts, in terms of environment, lighting, and flexibility. The firm’s experience with the diverse programmatic, spatial and functional requirements of various gallery projects in conjunction with a continually updated library of technical and planning information keep the firm in touch with the constantly changing state of the arts. Barcelon Jang regards design as a synthesis of not only the fundamental elements of form and function, but also the complexities of tradition, urban context, and art in the environment. Their completed museum and gallery designs express the evolution of this approach, and establish the threshold for the firm's future direction in the field of art and architecture. www.barcelonjang.com