Exhibits // Etcetera

Aug 5 - Oct 2

Overview // The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art presents Etcetera, an exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Arroyo Grande artist Trent Burkett on view from August 5 until October 2, 2016.

Trent Burkett creates raw, process-oriented art installations in wood, clay, marble, paint, oil, steel, and found objects. His artwork is intentionally minimal and devoid of specific meaning. The pure, often crude forms express the truth and integral beauty within minimal installations. The origins and quality of Burkett’s materials are of utmost importance. For example, a marble chunk from the historic Yule Quarry in Marble, Colorado reveals the blue quarry marks in the finished piece.

Burkett intensely researches and fashions his own art materials, such as cobalt blue glaze and custom-made oil sticks. He needs these materials to behave in a very specific manner in order to achieve his aesthetic goals. Similar to a scientist working in a laboratory, Burkett runs experiments to test his materials. He works methodically and almost mechanically. Using a simple wire coat hanger, he partially dipped it in a container of white paint over and over and over again until the hanger became sculptural. In the process, he kept a tally on the wall of the number of times the hanger had been dipped and left to dry. The process becomes part of the finished product. After each artful experiment, Burkett decides whether each individual outcome was fortuitous or disastrous. By intentionally running the risk of failure, he achieves a higher artistic goal.

Etcetera was reviewed in the SLO Tribune in September 2016. Read the article here.

Details // A public reception will be held on Friday, August 5 from 5 to 6PM in conjunction with Art After Dark. Free and open to the public.

Related Programming
Aug 9, 12PM: Art Ways, tour of Etcetera. SLOMA members and their guests. Free entry.

Sept 19, 7PM: Film Night, Ken Matsuzaki: Elemental. Suggested donation $5 members, $7 general.

Oct 21 – 23: Fired Up: Handbuilding Ceramics workshop at Trent Burkett's studio in Arroyo Grande. Sign up online or call SLOMA.