The Sculpture Group: 3D x 2

Exhibits // The Sculpture Group: 3D x 2

Nov 2 - Dec 2

Overview // The Central Coast Sculptors' Group is mounting an exhibit featuring collaborative sculptural artwork from pairs of local artists. Each artist was asked to begin an art piece but had to leave it unfinished. The first artist then handed the incomplete sculpture to his or her partner artist who completed the work in whatever medium he or she chose. Showcasing a variety of styles, techniques and media, the sculptures were surprising to all the participating artists. The result is a delightful blend of creativity that no one fully anticipated.

“Who'd have thought that swapping unfinished sculpture pieces in the middle of a project would be so intimidating? I had to sketch and mock-up dozens of ideas to find a solution. It was like trying to work my way out of a wet paper bag,” shared contributing artist Michael Reddell.

A reception to meet the artists will be held on Friday, November 2, 6 – 9 pm in conjunction with Art After Dark. The collaborative pairings for this show are Lucie Ryan with Robert Oblon, Mike Hannon with Bart Kerwin, Larry LeBrane with Jack Biesek, Ron Roundy with Michael Reddell, and Jim Trask with Randy Stromsöe.

Details // McMeen Gallery