Paths Intersected: Gail Lapins and Jenny E. Balisle

Exhibits // Paths Intersected: Gail Lapins and Jenny E. Balisle

Jan 4 - Feb 10

Overview // Two artists, working in their studios, unaware of each other, independently create two bodies of art. That art is then put together in a gallery and a conversation begins. We visit the confined space to witness the intersection, and it is our role to observe if the dialogue is convergent or divergent. We, the viewer, are able to discover if the two artists, working independently of one another, are able to strike a harmonic chord.

Gail Lapins, of Cambria, is a narrative, figurative bronze sculpture artist. Her work examines the quest for purpose. Her sculptures celebrate humankind, focusing on the journey of the spirit as it searches for the sacred, rather the destination. Celebrating the duality of strength and vulnerability, she uses repetitive patterns such as circles to signify the unifying rhythms of life. The multi-layered patinas employed on her sculptures represent the complex layers of relationships and the multiple layers of self that we are. She takes care to present the figures as androgynous in order to focus our attention on our humanity rather than our sexuality.

Ms. Lapins graduated from Cal Poly and has been a part of numerous solo and group exhibits throughout the United States. She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, Art Beyond Borders, Women’s Caucus of Art, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Jenny E. Balisle begins her art with a mark or a line inspired by patterns found in the environment whether natural or manmade. She pools, wrinkles and scrapes the oil paint creating chemical reactions with the solvents. These disruptions mimic occurrences in the physical world. Maintaining a minimalist composition, she layers the paint in order to create an intricate surface. On that surface she repeats line and form, textures, gestures and marks. This is her representation of the environment both up close and far away. For Ms. Balisle, nature and art are a spiritual experience and in her work she hopes to create a canvas that sparks the viewer’s imagination and encourages them to find a definition of faith.

Ms. Balisle lives in the Bay Area. An active artist, she has participated in dozens of solo and group exhibits throughout the United States, including ten Museum exhibitions. She is currently an instructor and directed study advisor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Details // Gray Wing

A reception to meet the two artists will take place on Friday, January 4, from 6-9 pm in conjunction with Art After Dark. A gallery walk-through with the artists for members of the Museum of Art will precede the opening reception at 5 pm.