Juline Beier: Lines/Shadows

Exhibits // Juline Beier: Lines/Shadows

Feb 1 - Feb 24

Overview // Juline Beier's fiber wall sculptures and vessels begin as layers of color and texture that ultimately interact with space and shadow to create dreamlike landscapes. These delicate constructs invite the viewer to look more deeply to decipher her metaphors about the layers of meaning and complex connections in our lives. She asks us to look at the space between the lines and light that can be found in the shadows.

Ms. Beier’s fiber bowls are created by molding layers of flax fiber over existing hand crafted forms. Baskets and bowls are universal containers. In a way, every culture defines itself through its vessels and what is put in them. These fiber bowls serve as a subtle reflection of the fragile, temporary grasp we have on life, and the objects that fill it. Once again, Ms. Beier reminds us that what may appear quite simple is actually dense with meaning.

Sausalito artist Juline Beier has been recognized for her work in various forms of fiber art for many years. Inspired by the art and textiles from a wide range of ethnic cultures, as well as found objects and artifacts from her own world, she has created a body of work that pays respectful tribute to her influences while still reflecting her unique vision.

She has been exhibited at the Marin County MOCA, and been a part of more than 20 exhibits in Northern California.

Details // First Gallery

A reception to meet Ms. Beier will take place on Friday, February 1, from 6 – 9 pm in conjunction with Art After Dark.