It Started with a Red Thread

Exhibits // It Started with a Red Thread

Feb 1 - Feb 24

Overview // A single red thread may have inspired this new exhibit, but the real genesis of this installation started forty years ago, when a group of artists began to meet weekly to share ideas, talk about life and art, critique work, offer suggestions and encourage each other in their creative endeavors and pursuits. This group of multi-media artists became the Central Coast Craftmakers, an affiliate of the Museum of Art. They do not have a leader or a single art form. The members work in oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, fiber, paper and metal.

In 2010, Kate Froman shared a new art piece she was working on. She had created a small jacket, using torn pages from the book Little Women sewn together with undulating strands of red thread. “I’m calling it Book Jacket, she shares. From that inspiration, an intriguing idea for a new exhibit began to take shape. Meeting weekly, the group began a deliberate process of sharing techniques, ideas and materials. A chronological list of names was determined by drawing from a hat. The first artist on the list was to create an artwork inspired by Kate’s Book Jacket. Each subsequent artist was to use the artwork created before her for inspiration. The process moved through the group like a visual version of the game Telephone.

The eleven art works in the exhibit are as diverse as the members of the group. M’Lou Mayo, Beryl Reichenberg, Deb Spatafore, Cle Longden, Meryl Perloff, Gini Griffin, Kathy Friend, Gina Hafemeister, and Roberta Foster. The women have challenged each other to express the unique talents they possess within the context of commonality. Inspiring one another, they discovered a new respect for each other. The result is the four-decade old group is stronger and more vibrant. And to think… it all started with a red thread.

Details // McMeen Gallery

A reception to meet the artists will take place on Friday, February 1, from 6 – 9 pm in conjunction with Art After Dark.