Portrait of Arne Nybak

PC.39 David Settino Scott
oil on wood, 27.75 x 22.25 inches
Adopted by: Artist to Scott Clark and family

Raised in an Italian-American blue-collar family in Southern California, David Settino Scott became interested in art while touring the museums of Europe and serving in the US Navy. Following his studies in San Bernardino and Claremont where he studied painting with Hilda Mohle, David tried to adapt to the contemporary art trends that prevailed in the 1960s and 1970s. But these failed to “capture his heart,” and he withdrew from the art world to take up flying and work as a model maker on Hollywood films and screen credits in "Star Wars" and "Caddy Shack." David has been a full time artist since moving to San Luis Obispo in 1985.