Exhibition Souvenirs

Souvenirs from past SLOMA exhibitions

Item # Item Description Price
BZL.0025 SLO PANO Poster $25.00

Brian Lawler's SLO PANO rolled poster features a photograph from Daniel's Point and the exhibition logo on the front. Mr. Lawler's description of his photography, process, technique and equipment is featured on the back.

CP-EBA CATALOGUE A Time and A Place: The Artistic Encounter Between Channing Peake and Elaine Badgley Arnoux, 1956-1962 $20.00

A comprehensive full-color catalogue to accompany the exhibition A Time and A Place. Organized by the Museum of Art and guest curator Paul Bockhorst.

AIP.10059 Michael Childers: Icons and Legends Poster $30.00

18 x 24" Poster

ELS.2045 Pause on the Path $20.00

Paintings by Gene Elsdon

Poems by Jane Elsdon

MOA.3920 A Time and A Place DVD $10.00

Organized by Paul Bockhorst and the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

This documentary, available on DVD, focuses on California artist and rancher Channing Peake, and explores his artistic encounter with Elaine Badgley Arnoux.

An online version of the film is available on YouTube